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Welcome to the World of Carbon Dioxide Removal:

This world needs as many smart, talented, and motivated people to help tackle the climate crisis as possible. The good news is that there are a lot of people working hard to welcome new members to these communities. In no other field are there as many communities that are dedicated to helping onboard new people, get their ideas funded, and bring new solutions into the world. Not only is carbon dioxide removal one of the most important fields on the planet, it also has one of the most welcoming communities there is. Below is our curated list of resources. If you have any to add, please feel free to drop us a line.

In no particular order:

Carbon Dioxide Removal Communities:

  • AirMiners – carbon removal focused, originally for DAC and now for all climate stuff
  • MyClimateJourney – podcast driven community of people getting involved climate companies
  • Work on Climate – directly oriented for people transitioning into climate
  • New Energy Nexus – good network of climate and energy-focused people with 3rd derivative accelerator
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal Google Group – one of the oldest carbon dioxide removal communities, including more academics and more formal / old school process
  • Ocean CDR – forum for discussing ocean-based carbon dioxide removal

Carbon Dioxide Removal Resources

  • (carbon)plan – great project that evaluates and puts into a database all of the carbon projects that have received purchases from the likes of Stripe and  Microsoft
    • CDR Database – their normalized database of CDR projects
  • CDR Primer – another great project, and from some of the people behind (carbon)plan, which gives a clean, modern, and thorough introduction to the carbon dioxide removal field, including science, reasoning, and the different technologies.

Carbon Dioxide Removal Jobs and Skill-Specific Resources:

  • Climatebase – curated job board with many top CDR companies and climate-specific projects
  • Climate Designers – a collective of designers and creatives who want to put their skills towards action on the climate, they help source climate work, work together on projects, and empower each other to take direct action.

Carbon Dioxide Removal Accelerators and Programs for Startups, Projects, and Researchers

  • AirMiners Launch Pad – 6 week program for early-stage carbon removal projects, associated with the Carbon Removal X Prize’s.
  • – platform working to get 100 million working on solving climate change by 2030. They offer courses for entrepreneurs, VCs, farmers, designers, etc.
  • On Deck Climate – 8 week climate tech MVP accelerator. Good place for skilled people who want to get into a climate startup to start, possibly without an idea, as they have a massive community and funding and can help make the necessary connections
  • CDR Accelerator – European Union backed climate accelerator for carbon dioxide removal
  • Cyclotronroad – US government backed, accelerator specifically for scientists who are not necessarily good at business, they provide ~$100k stipend, health insurance, etc and $100k in non-dilutive funding for research support so that scientists can focus on their projects fulltime.
  • Deep Science Ventures – for founder-scientists, DSV provides salary, equity, office space and investment along with their support. Interesting opportunity for early-stage more science-minded person, who can go here and receive full-stack, hands on support to build out a company.
  • Y Combinator – Very well-known Silicon Valley accelerator, very focused on business models and more developed projects. Strong network effects for funding etc, but not solely focused on environment or CDR.

Carbon Dixoide Removal Podcats and Video Series:

  • Nori Reversing Climate Change Podcast – Nori has what I consider the “original” carbon dioxide removal podcast. While Nori is a carbon dioxide removal credit provider, while they were building their tech out they started not one, but two great podcasts. This is their main podcast, and is focused on the people/orgs/companies working to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • AirMiners Youtube – AirMiners runs lots of great events in carbon removal and they all get posted to their youtube page fairly soon after
  •  OpenAirCollective – I highly recommend their This Is CDR series, where they have brought many of the leading companies and voices in CDR to give actual deep dives into their tech and thinking on the field. Some very informative and to the point videos that leave you actually understanding companies.
  • The Carbon Removal Show – interesting new show, walking the listener through the creation of a carbon removal company.