Mitigating Climate Change

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The climate is changing and

so must we. Now is the time

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Founded in late 2016, Climitigation is a science-based, politically neutral think tank dedicated to mitigating climate change. While many organizations, governments, and people focus on stopping or slowing the release of CO2 in the atmosphere, there has historically not been enough of a focus on reversing the release of emissions.

We want to put a focus on the mitigating or reversing of climate change, by highlighting the technologies, ideas, companies, and people that are less discussed or on the vanguard, but that could make a significant impact on the problem.

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Technology Examples
  • Direct air capture
  • Accelerated weathering
  • Aerosol Release
  • Bio-energy capture
Categories of Interest
  • Albedo Modification
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Geoengineering
  • Sinks and Negative Emissions

“Enhanced weathering holds a great promise to solve the climate change problem, and it will restore the carbonate cycle in the oceans, threatened by the lowering of the pH, which may damage ocean life, in particular the healthy growth of coral reefs.”

Olaf Schuiling
Geochemist, Utrecht University
Olivine against climate change and ocean acidification (2011)

Project Vesta

Project Vesta is a project to sequester carbon by accelerating the weathering of a specific type of rock called olivine. When olivine interacts with water and CO2, it creates a bicarbonate and alkaline solution that eventually sequesters the carbon as rock in the sea floor and deacidifies the ocean.

While this rock is abundant and cheap, all of the unweathered sources of it are underground. The plan is to mine it, grind it, and spread it on beaches to harness the free energy of wave motion to further tumble the rocks and accelerate the weathering process. We will be creating a global network of green sand beaches to end global warming.


1 ton of olivine sequesters 1.25 tons of carbon. A volume of 7km^3 spread over the world's 2% most tidally active areas would off-set all of humanity's yearly CO2 output.


Olivine (Mg2SiO4) + 4 CO2 + 4 H2O −→ 2 Mg^2+ + 4HCO3^- + H4SiO4

CO2 is consumed, and Mg2+, Fe2+, H4SiO4 and HCO3^- are produced

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The Climate Isn't Going to Change Back Without Our Help

Climitigation seeks to highlight the technologies and ideas that have the potential to radically shift the current equation on climate change back to neutral or in even in our favor. We seek to put a spotlight on those technologies and ideas that we think will be most impactful, so they can reach their full potential. If you think you can help out in your area of specialty, please reach out.

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